Track By Track: Summer Wars Breaks Down Their New ‘Better Days’ EP

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk

Summer Wars is a pop punk band from North Carolina reminiscent of Knuckle Puck and Real Friends. Their new ‘Better Days’ EP is comprised of four earnest songs with huge, soaring choruses. We’re excited to have an exclusive track by track from Summer Wars themselves below. 

Something Out Of Nothing: 

This track started off as a full two or three minute song but parts of it just weren’t coming out like we had hoped.  The intro to the song was so solid that we didn’t want to totally get rid of it.  So we chopped off everything except for the first 45 seconds and it instantly made sense as an intro track for the EP.  The name of the song comes from a lyric in the song Effortless that comes right after it, but it’s also a reference to what we wanted to accomplish with Summer Wars as a whole.  


Effortless was the first song we wrote when we started to make this record, it’s probably the most straightforward pop punk song on the album, but I like it for its simplicity and early 2000’s feel.  Lyrically it’s about a love gone wrong, going through the different phases of a break up and how you reconcile all of it in your head.  Recording the harmonies in the chorus was one of the bigger challenges on the EP because of how high they are.  

Weight of the World: 

Weight of the World came together at the very end of writing and doing pre-production for the album.  There wasn’t a chorus to this song until about 3 days before we went to record.  I think the pressure of a deadline definitely helped bring this song together.  The themes in this song are a little darker, it’s more about being unhappy with what you’ve accomplished with your life so far and how everyday life can just way down on you if you let yourself conform too much to what others want from you.  The first line in the song sticks out to me so much, “Starve myself of what I love thought I’d be a bit more honest, mechanical in thought all ambition discarded”, I wrote that about a time in my life when it felt like I had put aside dreams I had for years to have more security.  This song is actually my favorite off the EP.

Better Days: 

Better Days is the only slower mid-tempo song on the EP.  It slower but it still maintains a driving feel through-out and adds a lot of syncopated rhythms in there as well.  While there are themes of missing better days throughout the whole ep this song drives the point home, it’s about growing up and dealing with losing your identity and trying to gain it back, it’s about falling out of sync with your friends and people you grew up with.  The interlude part at the end of the song is one of my favorite sections of the EP, it’s a little heavier and more dissonant than the rest of the songs but that combined with the way it fades out made it awesome closer for the record.