The Mixtape Project 005. “The Best of Tony” with Tony Pacheco of Save Your Generation Records

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

This is The Mixtape Project. The goal of this project is simple, ask the people responsible for creating, facilitating, or just overall being involved with the music we love to share the music they love. This month, we’re talking to one one of the best people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thanks to starting this website –   Tony Pacheco of Save Your Generation Records

When Joel first started this feature at 36 Vultures I immediately begged for an opportunity to contribute and share my Mixtape Project playlist. My playlist has taken several forms over the weeks that I’ve been working on it. I’ve added and added and added to this mix and at one point hit a playlist that spanned over nearly 3 ½ hours of “The Best of Tony”. 

In an effort to trim minutes and make my list more concise, I decided to make my playlist able to fit onto a CD-R, the form which the majority of my high school and college mixtapes took.  I put just as much time and effort into the track order as I did into selecting the tracks themselves. Take 80 minutes and check out some of the songs or bands that have for one reason or another been important to me.

“Our Last Night” by Kid Brother Collective

The perfect intro track to a playlist curated by me. This is the band responsible for getting me interested in punk rock/independent/local music.

“Breathing Lessons” by Penfold

In the age of Napster and file sharing I stumbled upon “Breathing Lessons” and it was everything I loved about Emo in the late 90’s.  I never really got into the rest of the album but this song has stuck with me.

“Maybe For Now” by Few and Far Between

So…I’m from Michigan, listen to emo and grew up in the 90’s. Check out their new band, Touch The Clouds.

"I’ll Never Get Home” by Eniac

Similar to Penfold, Eniac was another emo one hit wonder. “I’ll Never Get Home” has everything I loved about the 90’s wave of the genre all in one track. From the 2:00 mark on this song is a total banger. Quiet to loud to quiet.

"A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts” by The Get Up Kids

I had to pick one and this fit the mixtape best.

“Accident Prone” by Jawbreaker

“…and if I go don’t forget the one good thing I almost did”.

"Windows” by King For A Day

Initial Records ruled my teenage years.  “Before I Go” is still one of my favorite releases from their catalog.

"Kilotin” by Fireside

The Swedish punk/hardcore band that isn’t Refused.

"No Place Like You” by Small Brown Bike

Another Michigan band that I was lucky enough to see more times than I can count.

"1 AM” by The Enkindels 

‘Buzzclip 2000′ may very well be my favorite album of all time. These guys never took themselves too seriously or maybe way too seriously, I never could tell but they were always fun.  Mark Brickey was the perfect rock and roll front man for a punk band from Louisville, KY

“Beguiling“ by Sarge

Elizabeth Elmore’s band before The Reputation. Her voice has always been perfect and this song is catchy as hell.

“Best Looking Boys” by The Promise Ring

From the Boys + Girls EP that followed Nothing Looks Good and transitioned their sound into Very Emergency.

“Pumpkin Eyes” by Silver Scooter

I first heard this song on the “(don’t forget to) breathe” compilation along with Fireside, Mineral, The Promise Ring, Christie Front Drive, HWM, Knapsack and more. They re-recorded it for their album but this version was always my favorite of the two.

“Destination Ursa Major” by Superdrag

“Sucked Out” brought Superdrag into my life but songs like this kept them around. They’re still putting great albums almost 20 years later.

"Complicated” by Muzzle

I honestly just found this band within the last couple years but it’s been in heavy rotation ever since.  They did that 90’s “alternative” thing perfectly.

"AT&T” by Pavement”

I picked up Wowee Zowee at a local used CD store after seeing “Cut Your Hair” on 120 Minutes on MTV. Wowee Zowee was so fucking weird and “AT&T” was the only song I could get into at the time. I think this record rules now.

"Pretty Never Hurts” by Fig Dish

Catchy 90’s alternative/power pop with big fuzzy guitars and cool hooks. One time Lawnmower covered this song for me.

"I Got A Girl” by Tripping Daisy

Great song,  great album, weird dude. I liked this album so much I bought the CD twice because Brian Krapohl stole my CD’s at Joe Funsch’s birthday party.

"Sorry” by Nerf Herder

I first heard of Nerf Herder when I saw them open for The Bloodhound Gang at Clutch Cargos in Pontiac, MI on the One Fierce Beer Coaster tour. Hilarious lyrics and catchy songs.

"Song For R” by Chixdiggit!   

One of the coolest voices in punk. Super catchy tongue in cheek pop punk jam.

"New Shirt” by Weston

Chewbacca’s Kids used to play this song. It sounds weird to not have it followed by “Heather Lewis” but I only had 80 minutes.

"Heather Lewis” by Weston

Because you can’t have one without the other.

"Shindo” by Less Than Jake

I had to throw in one ska song and this was one of the first I ever heard. Losing Streak still holds up today.

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