The Hotelier’s ‘It Never Goes Out’ Coming To Vinyl

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
In what looks like it’s becoming end of the year/New Year’s tradition for the guys in The Hotelier, they took to tumblr to make some announcements. The first of which being that their debut album ‘It Never Goes Out’ will be seeing a proper vinyl release in 2015. Topics covered range from potential tours to songs that they will no longer play live. You can check out a passage from the band’s statement after the cut. 
Now for 2015. Last year we posted a picture of the back cover of our album because we were announcing it. Well above is an outtake photo from the shooting for a proper vinyl release of It Never Goes Out. That’ll be announced soon. We will also have CDs but you have no reason to believe us. We are going to Europe this year. Sorry it took so long. Details not soon." 
You can read the full post with all of the announcements here via the bands tumblr