Suburbia To Release 7″ Box Set This Spring

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Brooklyn, NY DIY Venue Suburbia will release a 7" Box Set on March 3rd. The release will feature new songs from Pet Symmetry, The Saddest Landscape, Half Hearted Hero, By Surprise, and more. You can pre-order the box set here and you can check out a full track-list after the cut. 
Track Listing:

Broadcaster / By Surprise Split 7-inch

Side A – Broadcaster1. Bottle Rockets 2. Hornet’s Nest

Side B – By Surprise
1. Photosludge 
2. Point Set Match 
3. Postmodern Laziness 
4. Photonova

Timeshares / Luther Split 7-inch

Side A – Timeshares1. Who’s Going To Watch You Through The Witching Hour? 2. Pass The Bottle

Side B – Luther
1. A Pile of Ladders 
2. Moon Rock

The Saddest Landscape / Pet Symmetry Split 7-inch

Side A – The Saddest Landscape1. All Grace Intact

Side B – Pet Symmetry
1. Cereal Killer 
2. Go Outside: Stare At The Sun

Half Hearted Hero / Earworms Split 7-inch

Side A – Half Hearted Hero1. Dreams 2. What Light

Side B – Earworms
1. See Through You 
2. The Eye