Sorority Noise Sign To Topshelf Records

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Sorority Noise have signed to Topshelf Records and have begin work on their sophomore album. You can read a statement from vocalist Cameron Boucher regarding the signing after the cut. 
Front man Cameron Boucher says,
I first met Kevin at a house show in Allston in the summer of 2012 and left the show with a demo CD of one of my bands new records in my back pocket because I got to scared to give it to him. Topshelf has always been a label I’ve wanted to work with and we’re all super excited to be able to work with them for this new record. We’ve been hard at work in the studio making this record the best it possibly can be. The new LP is definitely a step towards a mature direction for Sorority Noise and were stoked to work with them to put it out!