Review: Turnover, ‘Blue Dream’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

It’s hard to believe that the Turnover of 2014 is the same band responsible for the release of their 2011 self titled EP. The two releases are sonic opposites. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that “Sasha” was my very first Turnover experience, I would laugh it off and call bullshit. Last year, they released ‘Magnolia.’ That record gave us an entirely new Turnover. Gang vocals and formulaic pop punk were replaced with thought out lyrics and music that was so in tune with the lyrical content. ‘Magnolia’ was an album of the year contender for me, and it’s still one of my favorite gloomy weather albums to listen to.

Between then and now, Turnover released a one-off single called “I Would Hate You If I Could” as part of a four-way split with Such Gold, Maker, and Ivy League. If there’s one thing this single did for me (besides provide me with one of my favorite choruses to date), it was assure me that no matter what Turnover released from that point on, it was going to be incredible.

Blue Dream’ is a three song EP that has only cemented that belief for me. All three of these songs are incredible, and my only qualm with this record is that I wish it was longer. Turnover have something magical about them, and they’re bound to become one of the biggest bands in their scene. If you haven’t been paying attention to the moves they’ve been making – start NOW.

The record starts off in a slow crawl with “Disintegration.” The majority of the song is a beautifully done acoustic performance that shifts into a crashing, shouty refrain for the duration of the track. The track is written well enough that it’s going to strike a chord with anyone that listens to it, and that grand finale of sorts is easily one of the most cathartic moments on any release this year.

Read My Mind” is my personal favorite track on this release. Very little time passes before you’re into one of the catchiest hooks of the year. I can almost guarantee that after the first listen, you’ll find yourself sloppily singing along to the lines “I don’t want to be alone/but I don’t want to be in love” and “No/I can’t end up all alone/But I’m too proud to be in love.” I guarantee you will.

The record comes to a close with one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard in a long time. “Bella Donna” is a predominantly acoustic track that starts off telling the story of a relationship at it’s tail end. It’s going to take a special kind of person to not immediately swoon when they hear Getz croon the lines “I hope some day we meet again/under different circumstances/maybe just as friends/because as lovers I shattered you/and even though you’ll never see it/picking up the pieces cut my hands up too.” I just wish this track was a minute or two longer, so we could hear that incredibly sweet chorus just one more time before the song comes to a close.

Blue Dream’ is an incredibly solid EP. I’m hoping this is a tease for something bigger in the near future (preferably early/mid 2015), because I’m dying for another Turnover full length. These guys know what direction they’re headed in sonically, and it’s been an insane pleasure to hear them blossom into the band they are now. I’m excited to see what the future brings for these guys. If you haven’t already, listen to the record in full here thanks to AltPress. An EASY five/five.