Review: The Hotelier “Home, Like Noplace Is There”

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk

An unrelenting, desperate, and emotional call out to anybody that will listen. Home, Like No Place Is There is a record that hit me like a sucker punch square to the stomach. There is no way that I could have seen this record coming. This time around, The Hotelier (formerly The Hotel Year), are making sure that you cannot ignore them.

Opening with the aptly titled “An Introduction To The Album”, we are given a brief look into the record. This track does a phenomenal job of summarizing the album, at least sonically, and will encourage you to continue with confidence throughout the remainder of the work. “The Scope Of All Of This Rebuilding” is the next track. This was the first track the guys released from the record, and this was the song that baited me. This song is packed with such nostalgic sound, while still sounding incredibly fresh. It’s biting, it’s infectious, and it’s urgent.

And as much as I love those first few tracks, the real high point of this record comes smack dab in the middle. The 1,2,3 combination of “Your Deep Rest”, “Among the Wildflowers”, and “Life In Drag” has consistently made me melt. The first of these three songs is, for me, the most heart-wrenching song I’ve heard in an incredibly long time. The easiest way for me to describe how I feel about this song can be seen here ( To top it all off the song is insanely catchy. I can’t tell you how many I’ve been caught constantly singing “I called in sick from your funeral…” to myself while at work.

“Among The Wildflowers” and “Life In Drag” are the perfect combination of songs. The first of which starts out as a melodramatic song just yearning to be heard and then transforms into an all out cry of emotional exhaustion. It ends with a conversation between an adult and a young child, discussing what they would do if someone hurt the child’s best friends’ feelings. We are then immediately thrown into “Life In Drag”. “Life In Drag” is incredibly hard hitting. A gritty, unforgiving, and panicked sounding vocal delivery of lines like “Who taught you how to hate your self?” and “I held your hand in ritual, to show disarming. While you were a weapon inside your self, inside your body” just left me in an emotional state of “YES!” The way these tracks play off of one another is something I never knew I wanted, but am so goddamn happy I got.

The record closes with “Dendron”. What a perfect, spiraling way to end this record. From the mixed vocal delivery somewhere after the two minute mark, to the pure instrumental midsection, and back into that gripping vocal delivery the song started with provide a real sense of closure from the emotional roller coaster The Hotelier have taken us on.

This is going to seem a little off topic, but about halfway through last year, I fell hopelessly in love with I Can See Mountains’ Life On A Houseboat. To this day, I listen to it in full at least 3 times a week. I can 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt tell you that Home, Like No Place Is There is another one of those records I can’t see myself getting tired of. Welcome to my constant rotation boys, feel free to make yourself at home.