Review: Superheaven, ‘Ours Is Chrome’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Written by Joel Funk, Edited by Caitlin Kohn

“Fix my body/I can’t move/I feel helpless to you.” A clean and concise review of the new Superheaven record, ‘Ours Is Chrome.’  

Superheaven is known for their emotionally dense take on punk rock. This band catapulted into scene stardom with the release of their debut album ‘Jar’ in 2013, and we’ve been paying attention ever since. ‘Jar’ saw Superheaven take things in a more focused direction than their previous EPs seemed to narrate. The band had transcended punk rock and blossomed into a grunge powerhouse, showing an entirely new generation of kids just why people fell in love with acts like Nirvana in decades past.

The emotion is heavy in the music and the vocals have a feeling of detachment. When I say detached, I don’t mean disconnected. [Taylor] Madison is very much connected to the music, but his vocals feel out of body. Like how your conscience is connected to your experience, but is detached from reality. This is a trend that doesn’t continue so much as it feels perfected, on ‘Ours Is Chrome.’

“I’ve Been Bored” was our first brilliant taste of this album. The song feels massive and is filled with build until we hear the crooning of “I’ve been so sick of flowers on everything/Someone told me I’m crazy/Keep it in/Thousands under a dim light/It’s hard to see/Guess it’s just me/Oh well.” While lyrics about performing may not be accessible to every listener, it’s Madison’s delivery of these lines that drives them home. You feel what he wants you to feel.

I also love that the first single is called “I’ve Been Bored” because it’s such a great response to the usual “I wonder what Superheaven’s been up too?” question that feels almost inevitable when a band has downtime. That, in itself, is brilliant.

“All The Pain” is another track that really stands out for me. It’s hard to imagine this track not soaring to the top of Alternative Radio, and it’s actually the song that has the lyrics to the “clean and concise” review of ‘Ours Is Chrome.’ I use the lyrics “Fix my body/I can’t move/I feel helpless to you” because I feel that they capture the listening experience. I found/still find myself held hostage by this record every time I turn it on. It’s near impossible for me to not listen to this record from top to bottom in one sitting.

Next is the powerhouse track “Leach.” This song hits hard, and sounds like we’ve got some lower, more gruff sounding vocals that make their way into the mix. They work so well in contrast to the usual tone of the vocals, and really help to push this track through to the top of the list for me. It’s one of the best on the record, and it’s one that I could see working very well as a standalone single.

If we’re going to talk about songs that should be singles, it would be a sin to not mention “Gushin’ Blood.” The track is just undeniable, and I’m excited to see what they do with it.  

I don’t need to tell you what an incredible band Superheaven is. ‘Ours Is Chrome’ is an album full of grungey musical nirvana. From start to finish, there isn’t a bad song on this record.  There are good songs, and then there are the phenomenal. These songs are anthemic and downtrodden, and will click with you in an instant.  Those are the one’s that we are going to hopefully continue to see pushed as singles, and I will be shocked if Superheaven doesn’t become a household (in a grander scheme than our scene) name by the end of 2015. 4.5/5