Review: Secrets, “Fragile Figures (Deluxe)” Bonus Tracks

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk
Review by: Josh Weisner

SECRETS, a band based out of San Diego California, re-released their sophomore LP “Fragile Figures” with three brand new tracks as well as a remixed version of “Ready For Repair” which was the first single to be released from the album in its initial release back in 2013. The new tracks are titled as follows:

  1. “Dance of the Dead”
  2. “Heartbreak Kids”
  3. “The Wild”

Despite having lineup changes (which are hard for any band, especially when replacing a vocalist) before the first release of this album, SECRETS shows no signs of slowing down and with such powerful lyrics behind these three tracks, it adds to what was already an amazing release.

“Dance of the Dead” is a track that is about someone who has given everything to someone else emotionally and that someone does not seem to care or appreciate it; this is an issue that is not addressed enough and this is why the lyrics hit so close to home. The back and forth clean and unclean vocals between Aaron Melzer and Richard Rogers just seems right, they are quite the believable duo. Throughout the screaming in the first verse to the transition into the clean chorus, I am believing every lyric and feeling the pain along with the musicians themselves. “It’s telling me to give up, move on and forget my life/But in the end you’ll see/This is the difference between you and me” are the final lyrics of the first verse transitioning to the chorus, “I’ve broken my bones/Sat there and listened for you/I keep on falling/And on the way down, I hope you’ll catch me soon/Hope you’ll catch me soon.” The vulnerability of these vocalists seeps through to make you understand their story and know that if you believe in yourself, you can rise above all of the pain and move on with your life.

The other two new tracks have similar stories to tell about heartbreak; one of them makes it known right in the track title. “Heartbreak Kids” shows us how to let go of a broken heart and move on, which poses the question: What makes this song about heartbreak different than any other song written on the subject? The answer is simple; it’s all in how it is written and presented. Most songs about heartbreak are begging for the girl/guy to come back, but never about accepting it and moving on. “I just have to go/Run away from this town/Change my name off the grave from your burial ground/I just want you to know I have to let you go.” Sometimes staying in a relationship that hurts both parties just isn’t worth it and you must let go. “The Wild” goes along with the theme of letting go and knowing when enough is enough in a relationship and how freeing it can be to be released from something so destructive. The last two lines of the song are probably the most powerful lyrics of the whole song and anyone going through a stage in their lives should heed this advice: “And I can finally fly/This too shall pass and I’ll learn to love again.”

The release of a deluxe version of this album was a great addition to the already fantastic release of 2013; this LP definitely cracks my top three releases of 2014 to date. The strength and passion behind the lyrics are forces to be reckoned with and to do it in such a polished way is a tough feat to pull off. SECRETS delves into very personal and vulnerable issues without being whiny and repetitive. Great re-release and despite the lineup change, I feel this is a better version of the band and this is only the beginning of much more success to come; can’t wait for these guys to blow up!