Review: Pet Symmetry, ‘Pets Hounds’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Written by Joel Funk Edited by Caitlin Kohn

There was a point in time that saw me obsessed with any musical project that Evan Weiss attached himself too. I had just about every Into It. Over It. record available on my iPod, had listened to The Progress and Stay Ahead of The Weather, and then eventually found my way to Pet Symmetry. I remember hearing “A Detailed And Poetic Physical Threat To The Person Who Intentionally Vandalized My 1994 Dodge Intrepid Behind Kate’s Apartment” and just falling in love. Evan’s voice was booming and the lyrics were dark and comical. That song is still perfect.

Thus, Pet Symmetry remains my favorite Evan Weiss endeavor to date. Until now, Pet Symmetry had only a two song EP and a song or two from some split releases, and I was happy with those. Each of those songs was solid and kept me subdued as I waited for more. And then seemingly out of nowhere, their debut album was announced. ‘Pets Hounds’ was announced with the song “Give Thanks (Get Lost).” The track starts out with a chaotic distortion and eventually becomes the power pop banger that I’ve come to see it as. Everything about this song is huge, so it’s not hard to see why they would release it as the first single for the album. It solidifies their sound.

‘Pets Hounds’ itself sounds like it was born in the late 90’s/early 00’s in every way possible. The guitars are warm and at the forefront, and Evan’s voice has always sounded like a solid reminder of what the best of decades past had to offer. It’s just as strong as it is compelling, and he has a knack for writing some great lyrics. See: any song in the Pet Symmetry catalog.

Album opener “My Exhausted Month (Of May)” kicks things off with a bang. We’ve got one of the most beautiful and crisp guitar riffs on the record and Evan crooning “Spent the last year motivating everyone else when I should have been motivating myself” which is the perfect line to kick the record off with. When you take into consideration that this record has felt like a long time coming, you just fall into agreeance with the later half of the lyric. Then, when you consider that Evan has had quite the year with producing what are either already, or soon to be considered, scene classics. See: You Blew It’s ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’ and the soon to be released ‘Having It All’ from Anabel.

As you dive deeper into ‘Pets Hounds’, you’ll find the songs just get bigger and bigger. A lot of them were released as singles, so if you haven’t held off until now, most of these won’t come as a surprise. Even still, songs like “Go Outside (Stare At The Sun)” are incredible summer jams. It’s pop in the same vein of Motion City Soundtrack. Imagine a tour with those two bands at the helm. I would die.

You’ve got tracks that remind me of their debut, like “Use Your Illusion III (Knock-Knock-Knockin’ On Evan’s Door) and the super bassy “Class Action Force (Useless Tools)” that will just creep their way into your heart. The first of the two serves more as reassurance of your interest, while the second is just undeniable. The bass will hit you in the spine and in seconds, you’ll be prisoner to Pet Symmetry.

‘Pets Hounds’ is power pop perfected. Each of these songs feels huge and righteous, and each will find themselves stuck in your head at some point. The album is lighthearted and bouncy, and feels like the natural next based on Pet Symmetry’s back catalog. I listen to this record once a day, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. And, well, you know, No..Sleep..’Til Bedtime! 4.5/5