Review: Pentimento “Inside The Sea”

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk

It’s hard to believe that it’s already just shy of a year since the release of Pentimento’s self-titled record. But, here we are 11 months later and Pentimento have given us yet another phenomenal release. Topping their self-titled LP was something that I wasn’t sure the guys could do in such a short span of time, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t dead wrong.

Inside The Sea starts off with “Not So Young”, a song that perfectly embodies how it feels to be confused about where you currently stand. Whether it be in regards to your place in the world as a person or something as comparatively small as not knowing where you stand in a relationship. There is a haunting sense of urgency that really shines through on this track. The vocal delivery of “Is this all I am?/Is this everything that I meant to be?” on the bridge paired with music that just sounds like it needs to be heard really resonated with me, and showed everyone that Pentimento has once again stepped up their game. This opener does a brilliant job letting the listener know that Inside The Sea is four songs and fourteen minutes of a new-found urgency and obvious growth.

“Just Friends” and “Any Minute Now…” are the next two songs, and were both released as promo singles for this new EP. So, we’ll cover these in the order they were released as singles, instead of the order they fall into on the tracklist.

Releasing “Any Minute Now…” as the first single was a brilliant move on all parts. Once again, the song sounds urgent, begging the listener to listen to it. I’m not sure if that makes any actual sense, but I’m hoping that it does. The way this song ends, starting with a clean delivery of the hook that transitions into a gritty, rougher “..Things are gonna change”, really drives the whole song home.

The former, “Just Friends”, comes through with similar intensity and a universally accepted subject matter. Before listening, you may find yourself thinking that Pentimento is beating a dead horse by writing a song tackling this topic, but I’m begging you to just listen to it. The second the song starts, you will change your mind. This song is so much more than subject matter, and if the second you hear “I don’t think before I speak/What an empty attempt at a personality” you don’t immediately go into a state of self reflection, well…you will eventually.

The EP comes to an end with “It’s Okay.” This is easily my favorite track from Inside The Sea. I mean, I get goosebumps and butterflies just listening to it. I can relate to the lyrics on such a personal level, and while I really do not want to sound repetitive, the delivery is just flawless on all parts. The song ends with what I believe to be a cliffhanger, believe it or not. If the song had just ended with the resounding “It’s OKAY”, there would have been an immediate sense of closure, instead they chose to end it with a “Not forever/Not forever/Just for now” which leaves you hungry for more.

Which is brilliant on Pentimento’s end in more ways than one. First, because you’re going to obviously listen to the record all day to try and ease the hunger pains. Second, it creates slight hype for a new record. You already know you want to hear what the band has next. You want to know if it’s really okay.


Review by: Joel Funk