Review: Meet Me In Montauk, “Where The Grass Meets The Pavement”

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

For the first and presumably the last time in my social media existence, a Facebook ad has helped add a record to my rotation. I woke up to throbbing tooth pain at around 3 in the morning, took something for said pain, and proceeded to mindlessly scroll through my Facebook timeline as one does. Just the usual Monday shenanigans. Somewhere down the line, I stopped after being told that a band called Meet Me In Montauk was streaming their album on Soundcloud and Spotify, and curiosity got the best of me.

I clicked through and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The sound given to us on “Where The Grass Meets The Pavement” is familiar and falls into a lot of the tropes that have helped coin the term “emo revival” but I’m shameless and I love it. I am exactly the person you would have wanted to click on your Facebook ad because I fell in love and I have been incredibly obnoxious about it.

Meet Me In Montauk describes themselves an Emo Groove band, and it’s not hard to see why. From the second you press play on this LP, you’re greeted with punchy, math-rock inspired guitar work and an on and off exchange and vocals that will grow on you in seconds. These guys remind me a lot of Free Throw. Just…imagine Free Throw with punchy guitar work and no Pokemon references.

One of the must-hear tracks on this record is “Poor Me.” Those punchy guitars are met with gang vocals that will make you melt. I’m a sucker for gang vocals though, and it’s very rare that I don’t over-appreciate them. From there, we’re brought to a chorus that’s bound to be stuck in your head. The chorus isn’t huge, but it’s mind-numbingly simple either. There’s just something special about that moment in the song.

Another of these tracks would be “From Her Perspective.” This song starts out with handclaps. Tons of hand claps. And then the super twinkly guitars pick up and everything kind of falls into place. We get the first taste of some screamed vocals. Interestingly enough, they manage to feel right at home. You might not see them coming initially, but they are definitely a welcomed passenger.

‘Where The Grass Meets The Pavement” is great, but it’s not perfect. For instance, I would probably have cut “Juliet” from the record. The music on this track is super repetitive and it makes it hard to listen to all the way through. This is really the only issue that I have with this record. One song. One out of ten is nothing to be worried about, especially when it’s your debut record.

I am super thankful for both my aching teeth and late night Facebook scrolls for introducing me to this band. “Where The Grass Meets The Pavement” makes for an incredible listen all the way through, and I’m super excited to see where this band goes in the coming year[s]. Hopefully, the kids will catch on and get this band the recognition they deserve. ⅘