Review: Living Room, “Moonchaser”

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Living Room is a young, self-proclaimed “dreamo” band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Their sound is a healthy combination of pre-New Found Glory-core Pop Punk and modern Emo. The most direct comparison I can draw is to Deja Entendu era Brand New sans slow progression and the incredibly morose tone in lyric and vocal delivery.

In May of 2012, Living Room released a five song EP called Dream Journal. That release showed us a band with promise that just needed a little bit more time to flourish. Just a little over two years later, Living Room is back. This time, with their debut album Moonchaser. This release shows us a much more polished, well put together band that people need to be paying attention to. 

The  record starts off with a heavily vocal driven introduction called “American Levitation.” The track has no real climax of it’s own, as it serves mostly as prologue/build up into the immediately energetic second track on the record. The stripped down delivery of this track gives it a genuine feeling of sincerity, and ending the track on an invitation of sorts lyrically is a very smart move. 

Not that “Casual Science” gives you much a chance to decline. You’re immediately greeted by energetic music and a vocal delivery dripping with urgency. This energy is matched in full by “The Physics of Intention.” Those of you that have been following the release should recall that this was released as the first of three singles from Moonchaser, alongside the title track and “Crystalline.”

The singles work together so well because each of them show off a different side of this album. “The Physics of Intention” shows us an incredibly fast paced, urgent sound the record definitely has and maintains. “Moonchaser” shows off a slower (not ballad slow, just slower in comparison) side of the record that gives us a look Living Room’s diversity. This track is my favorite on the release, and I can’t help but shout along to the line “You’re still in the little things that I do/I still smoke my cigarettes the same way that you used to” every time I hear it. The final single, “Crystalline” picks up where the first single left off. Giving off phenomenal energy, but this time in a more tamed package.

Aura Camera” is the first track that we get to hear any real grit in vocal delivery, which makes me incredibly happy. That’s one of the things that can make or break a band in this genre for me. I find it very difficult to listen to a very clean, almost too polished vocal when you could opt for a raw, gritty, and emotional driven delivery. More sweet spots on this record for me include “Out of Love” and the closer “Magnetic Service.” 

Moonchaser proves that Living Room is a band that people need to start paying attention to. This is a record that I have not been able to put down, no matter how hard I’ve tried. It’s very easily become one of my favorites of the year (are you guys tired of hearing that yet? I mean it every time too.)

Do yourself a favor and pre-order yourself a copy of this record. You’ll want it. Trust me.