Review: Like Pacific, ‘Like Pacific’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Reviewed By: Mike Moger

Fun, fast, and furious pop punk is probably the guiltiest of my pleasures (besides I See Star’s first album, try and judge me for it, I DO NOT CARE), so you can imagine how ecstatic my inner frustrated 17-year-old self was upon hearing Like Pacific’s new self-titled EP. Fresh off their signing at Pure Noise, these 5 Canadian boys are the newest who have received what I like to call the ‘The Real Friends Puck Deep So Far’ treatment… Yes I just made that up on the spot 5 seconds ago, but I’ll bet a dime it’ll stick.. but more on that in a future piece.

The idea is that a solid percentage of the scene will react positively to this specific brand of pop punk; it’s not all that new, but it is technical and it gets a point across. Like Pacific has been a band since 2009 and slowly crept up to finally find their niche within the super competitive niche market of pop punk. Because of this, Pure Noise made the very wise decision to sign them at a time of other bands similarly finding their own niche – see Knuckle Puck, Modern Baseball, etc. What sets PNE apart is that they’ve been the most consistent at picking out talented bands in the genre, far surpassing No Sleep in this category (at least right now). It’s kinda like how CYLS and Topshelf are inherently emo labels, not to mention that they’re great at what they do.

With the riffs of Stick to Your Guns and the energy of The Story Far, Like Pacific has constructed an EP which will be looked up to by all other pop-punk contemporaries for the rest of 2015. Self-titled and full of teenage angst with clear hardcore influences, it’s pretty easy to note off Counterparts and Such Gold as inspiration to the band’s harder brand of punk. Some notable one-liners include: “Forget about the dirt and rust, forget about the negatives swept under the rug” and “Please get over it, I know you’re suffering, overstayed your fucking welcome,” along with very memorable and catchy choruses accompanied by a tight rhythm section. Hopefully, I am fortunate enough to see a live performance to really get the feel of Like Pacific in their element – then I could compare them to early TSSF in a physical way. 

‘Like Pacific’ is a strong offering from a band that clearly has had set their sights high in the past, the five-year old 5-piece has absolutely no problems with composing angst-fueled punk songs. The trick is to make them refreshing enough for audiences slightly away from the traditional scene, and Like Pacific may just have the right combination to do so. It’s an evolution that the genre absolutely and desperately pined for, and got just that with bands like Modern Baseball and The Hotelier. I just wish the songs had more of a linear flow, especially with Sigh of Relief, I half-expected it to be a lead-in track, but it doesn’t matter much because Eviction is a powerful song on its own, and probably the best on the EP.

With Pure Noise’s support and a debut that falls just below ‘While You Were Sleeping’ status, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Like Pacific blow up just as TSSF did back in 2012. The music is angry, fast-paced, and just the breath of fresh air PNE (and the whole scene) needed after the Front Porch Step allegations dropped over the new year. Definitely give this EP a listen and be hopeful for the scene in 2015. Stay pissed. 4/5

RIYL: Knuckle Puck, Stateside, early TSSF

Definitely check out: Eviction, Suffering

Like Pacific, as per their Facebook bio, is “five dudes with a common love for fast, hard-hitting, and melodic music” from Toronto, Ontario. You can check them out on facebooktwitterbandcamp, and on an East Coast mix-and-match tour starting tomorrow with Brigades, Heart to Heart, and Vanna.