Review: Light Years, ‘Temporary’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Light Years is a band in the wrong decade in all the best ways. Their take on the super fun, light-hearted brand of Pop Punk that made legends out of bands like Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, and Sugarcult sounds every bit as refreshing as it does nostalgic. If the genre was a yearbook, Light Years would have no problem being voted most likely to be featured in an American Pie soundtrack (seriously, give those another listen because they are solid gold.)

Their back catalogue is comprised of several EP’s and a full length that have been leading up to this version of the band. With the release of ‘Temporary’, Light Years are gearing up to be the band responsible for the resurgence of the light hearted pop punk that was so quickly gobbled up by the masses in the early-mid 2000’s. 

The record opens up with one of the most music video ready songs I’ve heard in a while. I can already envision a super cheesy, over the top music video for “My Whole Life” that starts off with Pat getting ready for some mundane, boring job and cut to a split screen of Light Years playing. This horrible description doesn’t do the idea justice, but it should suffice. Beyond that, this track is an incredible opener. The guys waste no time jumping into an energetic, infectiously catchy chorus that will be bouncing around your skull for weeks after hearing it. The repetition of “It’s all that I can do to stop fading away” before the final chorus is so reminiscent of Enema Of The State era Blink-182 that I can’t help but get a huge grin on my face each and every time I hear it.

Fall Apart” was the first taste any of us got of ‘Temporary’, and it’s a track that cements the fact that the guys Light Years know how to write incredible songs. This track comes armed with one of the most singalong ready choruses I’ve heard come from a pop punk band in a long time. There is actually no way that you won’t catch yourself singing “I watch it fall apart/Over and again/I wish I was the song that was stuck inside your head” after you’ve heard it. Speaking of sing-along ready choruses, “Temporary” shows up with a hook that’s equally as infectious as the one on “Fall Apart.”

Songs like “Late At Night” are my favorite. I like my lyrics bitter, but I want something I can move to. I want to be able to sing along, to feel real energy, and just be able to have fun listening to it. I don’t care HOW healthy your current relationship is, you need to make and throw this song and Alkaline Trio’s “Stupid Kid” and listen to it on repeat.

Wandering” is a great album closer. The sound is huge, and it provides you with a slight sense of closure that makes it feel like this is the perfect song to go out with. The resounding “I know where I belong/But how do I get there?” that makes up the last minute or so of the track feels so much bigger than anything else on the record. The build up to this is phenomenal, and serves as yet another reminder of just how talented the guys in Light Years are.

From start to finish, ‘Temporary’ is a huge renewal of my faith in Pop Punk. Like I said before, the fact that Light Years was able to take a sound so nostalgic, and still make it feel brand new is incredible. You’re going to want to put this record on repeat. I suggest you cave in and do so, because it deserves the repetition. This was another easy five/five.

RIYL: Viva La Bam, Etnies, Rocket Power.