Review: Ivadell, ‘Flow’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Heavy music to me is not heavy music to most. When I call something heavy, I don’t mean to imply ear shattering screams and screeching guitars, but rather that it has some sort of emotive weight. There is an undeniably real emotional presence to the music that you’re forced to feel whether you want to or not. I truly love when a band creates music that lets you get into their headspace as a listener. For me, the ability that this music has to completely change the way you feel in a matter of seconds is the coolest thing about it.

With that being said, Ivadell is one of my favorite heavy bands. On their Broken Circles debut ‘Flow’, they’ve managed to create songs that are so huge, I can only really compare to a thick fog. The music is weighty and atmospheric, and the timid vocal delivery plays off of that very well. I hate to draw comparisons to something that came out so recently, but if you were a fan of the most recent Gates record, I can promise that you’re going to eat up this three song EP. 

The record opens with “For The Love of Will.” There are moments where this track feels airy, and they’re accompanied by a driving crash of music that feels so emotionally dense. Towards the end of the track, you’ll catch vocalist Josh Gilley singing “I think I’ve found a flow” and you can’t help but to be thankful they did. These tracks will sit heavy in your head and almost beg to be listened to more than once.

You will have no problem drawing comparisons to bands like Balance & Composure. They share so many qualities when it comes to the music they create. I want you to go back and replace Ivadell with B&C and tell me that the description doesn’t suit them perfectly, especially on the middle track. Lyrically, “Breaking Light” paints incredibly vivid pictures, and basically BEGS for a Jon Simmons guest vocal.

Broken Circles is a label that’s constantly impressing me with the new bands they’re bringing to the table, and Ivadell is no exception. I need to hear more from them sooner than later. Even typing this review, I’ve replayed this EP more times than I can count. Their dense brand of emotionally driven post rock is perfect for the forthcoming onslaught of snow and bitter cold that is winter. I cannot wait to see what ‘Flow’ does for the guys in Ivadell, because I can already see a huge future for these guys on the horizon. 4/5