Review: I Can See Mountains, “Gone Beachy”

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk

I Can See Mountains is a weird band.

Lyrically, they speak in some sort of nonsensical tongue made up of bits and pieces of the English language. The lyrics shouldn’t make sense, and they shouldn’t be something you cling too – but they do, and they are. Something about the way they do things just feels entirely natural. I don’t think you can ask for a more honest, more open view of the way any one person’s brain works then you get when you listen to an I Can See Mountains song.

Last year, they released an album called Life On A Houseboat. That record was and still is so important to me. Earlier this year, the announcement of a new EP became a very real thing. I wasn’t quite sure how to feel at first. Coming off of the high that Life On A Houseboat provided, excitement and anticipation were the first feelings to come to the surface. However, as the release date approached, I became increasingly nervous. Would they be able to create something of the same caliber? Would whatever comes next hit me just as hard? In short–I was incredibly scared.

I had no reason to be, because Gone Beachy feels like exactly what needed to have come next for I Can See Mountains.

The three tracks that make up this EP feel like such a natural extension of what made Houseboat such a phenomenal record. The lyrics that sound like thoughts bouncing off a wall and hitting a mic are still present, and still incredibly prophetic in sound. The constant exchange in vocals that makes these lyrics work is still a huge part of what these guys are doing. And, each track still has that feel-good, real to life vibe that I Can See Mountains is [going to be] known for.

The only complaint I have about this EP is that it’s not longer. Two more songs is all I would have needed to hold me over. Five songs just feels so much fuller than three songs ever will. Hopefully they don’t leave us waiting too long. And let’s be real here, that’s not even a real complaint.

If nothing else, this release makes it very clear that I Can See Mountains understands what works for them, and that they have no intention of stopping. I cannot wait to see what the next release from these guys will be.

Fingers crossed for a full length. And fingers crossed that Houseboat stays afloat.