Review: Fossil Youth, ‘Intertwined With You’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk


Written by: Joel Funk

Genre tropes are a terrible thing to fall into. You could be one of the most talented bands in the scene, but if you fall into or rely too heavily on what the public perceives as a stereotype for the genre, you become easier to discredit. Pop Punk has this sort of dichotomy now that each shares its own set of characteristics. There is the incredible lighthearted, fun-loving pop punk brought to us by bands like Light Years and Chumped, but there’s also a much more raw and emotional take on the genre given to us by bands like Knuckle Puck. These are two very different sides to the same coin.

In comes a band like Fossil Youth. I’ve listened to their first release and it left a lot to be desired. However, on this run they fall into that more emotional side of pop-punk, and most notably have taken cues from bands like Citizen and Turnover. This is a band that can acknowledge the aforementioned tropes and use them to their advantage. Their new EP ‘Intertwined With You’ shows just how aware this band really is.

The record comes to an incredible start with “From The Window.” This was the first single released from the EP, and as such, was the first song I heard. I was floored. I can remember emailing our editor, Caitlin, back in October and saying “you’re going to love this band,” and that they sounded like a mash-up of both Citizen and Turnover. So, yes, I’ve been sitting on that comparison for quite a while. The song that best shows off this band’s potential is “Wick.” Everything about this track just hits me in the right way. The lyrics are above and beyond everything else on the record, and the delivery is incredible on counts.

Like any other genre, the artists at the forefront are always changing. There are the reigning champs like The Wonder Years and The Story So Far, and then there are the bands that seem to be blowing up out of nowhere. We’re currently in the process of watching Knuckle Puck become genre kings, and it’s only a matter of time before Fossil Youth is on the same path. ‘Intertwined With You’ is an incredible effort from these guys, and I am excited to see and hear what the future has in store for them. 4/5