Review: For The Fallen Dreams, “Heavy Hearts”

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk
Review by: Josh Weisner

For the Fallen Dreams released their fifth full length album, “Heavy Hearts”, in April of 2014 and while it is only ten tracks it is very intense and full of fantastic guitar riffs and gut wrenching, passionate screams. If you are a fan of Chelsea Grin, you are sure to like For the Fallen Dreams’ and their uniqueness in their song writing.

As a hardcore band, there are many misconceptions that all songs are just simply screamed and the lyrics make no sense which is why some of them do not get the recognition they deserve. I was a sceptic at first, but listening to the lyrics dissolved my cynicism and let me appreciate the music and writing more; For the Fallen Dreams has been no exception. They have a very unique way of writing their music and it shows on the opening track of the LP, “Emerald Blue”. Many of us just choose to conform to what society tells us we should be like, but what ever happened to being original and marching to the beat of our own drum? “Fight for your life” is the opening line to the opening track and when screamed in a way that Chad Ruhlig does, it really makes you want to go out and do what he tells you.

The second track “Choke” I can appreciate only because it addresses an issue of people hiding behind a computer screen and talking shit; this is an epidemic that we read about and hear about on the news, but calling someone out on a song, to me, seems no better than typing on a computer. The only difference being you are in the public eye and more vulnerable. On another note, please do not “put me in the ground” as you scream in the opening of this song, I do like and appreciate your musicianship.

My favorite song off of this LP is “Bombay” because I am a sucker for love (as my girlfriend reads this and laughs at me). It is as close to a ballad as a hardcore band can get without going too soft and giving the genre a bad reputation. With lyrics such as “I am terrified of life, without all of you”, or “This life doesn’t mean anything without you/I’ll give up it all for you” any guy/girl in love can relate. With that melodic opening riff, it sets up what is to come in the verse perfectly, and in the chorus, the clean vocals backing the screams are a perfect compliment and I wish the band would incorporate these more because they are very effective.

This LP is full of great breakdowns and the heavy screams that everyone would expect from a metalcore band, but what sets them aside from bands like Chelsea Grin and As I Lay Dying (except having a lead singer that hires hitmen, yes I’m looking at you Tim Lambesis) is their style of lyric writing. They have fantastic ears as far as the music writing goes, combining the perfect guitar riffs with the perfect chord progression as well as synchronizing the bass drum rhythm with the rhythm guitar for the breakdowns, but their lyrics very seldom rhyme and that is okay. The way the lyrics are presented just mesh with the music that they play and when listening to them, it gives you inspiration to rise above adversity or in the case of a few songs on this LP, it gives you the strength to love (yes, I know I am a sap). What I was cynical about before, turned out to be a good release. Check these guys out on tour for a few more days of June!