Review: Choir Vandals, ‘At Night’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

There was a point in time on this website where I was giving some ideas that I had for content a trial run. One of those ideas was something called Vultureshock. Vultureshock was a Spotify playlist full of songs we were currently listening to. On one the first of two published playlists was a song called “The House On The Corner” by a young band named Choir Vandals. I remember downloading their first EP and falling in love with it, so I was naturally excited to hear of an impending release entitled ‘At Night’ over the summer.

One of the most fantastic things about this release is undoubtedly the timing of it. I’d like to meet whomever slated this EP for an end of October release and kiss them on the face because ‘At Night’ would feel so out of place at any other point in the year. The four songs that make up this EP contain some of the most hauntingly vivid lyrics that play so well off of the eerie backbone that this record provides musically. These two combined traits give these tracks a sense of warmth, making all of them so ready for the end of fall/early winter weather that’s rapidly approaching. Is Halloween Rock a thing? It is now. 

That aptly titled album opener “Monsters” sets the stage for the rest of the release. This track feels chaotic, cathartic, and frightening. They’ve managed to not only convey strong emotion here, but also to completely embody the chaotic feeling of anxiety. It’s only been a year between releases, but it’s very clear to see just how much this band has grown in that timeframe, especially when we’re given lyrics like “Then there was such a sudden silence, a drop in decibels, I start screaming, how loud do I scream till I scare off my demons. Spin it around and around and around we go.” A lot of these same triumphs can be seen throughout the entire record. It is easy to see that this is a band that is going to be too much fun to watch age.

To say that I’m done with teasers and that I want a Choir Vandals full length immediately would be an understatement. I want that familiar feeling of discomfort and excitement for longer than 12 minutes. I honestly cannot wait to watch these guys continue to grow and progress. ‘At Night’ is one of my favorite releases this fall, and I can promise that it’s going to stay in regular rotation. 4.5/5