Review: Brightside, “Now and Loud”

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk
Review by: Josh Weisner

If the first thing you do when you hear about a new band is check to see if they have a Facebook page, you will be in for a big surprise when you reach Brightside’s fan page; in their about section it says, “If you are a person that is interested in music please do not listen to our band or come to any of our shows thank you.” Reading this made me laugh and like them even more.

The first track on the “Now and Loud” LP, Next Time I’ll Be Deadly Serious, makes the transition into the second track of the album by a shorter name of Next Time seem incredibly easy; these songs were definitely made for each other. Next Time has a fun relaxed vibe to it, combining a slower paced indie rock sound with a then seemingly speedier chorus. For me, there is a very Silversun Pickups music style mixed with an Angels & Airwaves vocal tone. The ambient guitars that back the vocals are strong and powerful complimenting the vocals very well.

My favorite track on this LP has to be Circa 2006 and arguably one of the catchiest songs that I have heard from an indie band in a while. The vocals start off with the normal everyday complaints from the working man. “Back always hurts/ staying up late makes me a jerk/In the morning I work/You know I’m worse/Watching you across the kitchen while you button your shirt.” The lyrics speak about an issue that seems to be one that is incredibly relatable; relationship issues. This couple seems to be simply going through the motions with lyrics such as “Speak to me, oh don’t hold it in,” or “Love me, don’t judge me.” If you are a guy that has ever been in a relationship and has never experienced the thought of their significant other constantly nagging, then you are more than likely lying. On a completely different note, this song combines melodic guitar leads with full choruses backed by a beautiful falsetto.

Not to say that the rest of the LP isn’t good, because it is. Although it is only eight tracks, the music is timeless and it is easy to listen to and get hooked over and over. Songs like Jetpacks with very humorous verses with a very unique picking style that fits incredibly well, and Stellar!!! that has a sound to bring you back to a better time if you are feeling down with an Aquabats The Sharkfighter! sound to pick you up.

Overall, “Now and Loud” is a great listen if you are into indie rock that combines great musicianship with fun melodies and lyrics; you can tell that this band is great at their craft and enjoy what they are doing despite their Facebook about section (Haha!). A very refreshing and unique sound that is nice to not be masked by autotune and heavy distorted guitars; Kudos guys, great release!!