Recommended Listening: Souvenirs

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Souvenirs is a young indie rock band from Los Angeles. They have a sound that fans of bands like The American Scene, The Promise Ring, and Braid will be quick to fall in love with. They have a new record called “You, Fear, and Me” coming out on December 16th being released through Other People Records that you can pre-order right here. 
The music itself is great because it showcases incredible songwriting, but it also shows that the band has a knack for pop sensibility. The songs are bouncy in all the right places, and they get subdued just as easily. We’re very excited to see where things go for this band after the release of their new album. You can currently catch them out on tour with The American Scene and Elder Brother. 

Without further ado, here is Souvenirs: 

Can we get your name and what you do in the band?
My name is Tim Riley and I play guitar and sing.

You only have three words to describe your sound to a new listener. Go.
Summer of 1998.

Have you guys played in other bands before? If so, was the sound similar?
We have all played in different bands but none of the other band sound anything like souvenirs.

What is songwriting process for this band usually like? Do you guys start with lyrics? with a riff?
Usually it starts with a simple riff and then we bring it to practice and we all contribute. It’s a very organic process. Grass fed free range.

Do you write on the road? If so, do you find that the music you write is a direct representation of your environment? Also, do you prefer writing at home or on the road?
I wouldn’t say that the music is specifically a direct effect of our environment at the time but we definitely do write on the road. Maybe not so much about location as it is about the feeling of distance from other locations. The writing on the road is tough because you never really have enough time to work on the things that you’d like to. It’s always just during sound check or before you play.

What was the first song that you guys wrote as a band? Is it on any of your releases? Is it one that you guys still play live?
The first song we have ever written is called squeeze and it’s on our demo called Sadder days. We do still play it but we’ve also rewritten half of it.

What’s next for you guys in terms of the immediate future?
Well as of right now I am filling this out while at our merch company modern made shout out to Modernmade Merch Oxnard 805 where are about to drive to Portland to start our West Coast tour with Elder Brother and the American Scene. Wish us luck!