Press Play: Human After All

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk

Written by Chris Freeman

Human After All are an emo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that shine through with blunt anger, a tasteful use of heavy palm muting, and honest lyrics that you can find yourself singing along to after the first listen. Their debut EP, Forty Foot Bridge, opens up with powerful, syncopated crash hits and open chords on the first track, “More of the Same.” Human After All are certain to raise eyebrows in the opening seconds of any given song and keep the interest alive with a sound that wraps bands like Turnover, Dikembe, and early Senses Fail all into one package. There is nothing to not love here. I’ve seen these guys live a couple times, and I couldn’t help but to binge on them for weeks after each performance. You can listen to all of the Forty Foot Bridge EP after the cut. 

The Forty Foot Bridge EP by Human After All

Twitter & Instagram: @humanafterallwi