Press Play: Foxfires

Written by Scott Fugger

Foxfires are a hardcore punk band out of Worcester, Massachusetts with some of the best lyrics in the genre. In the past I’ve compared the quality of writing to that of Brand New’s Jessie Lacey, which should definitely say a lot. That coupled with raw energy and the impressive pedigree of their members (including Mountain Man, No Trigger, ex-Four Year Strong) should be more than enough to get you excited for their debut full length, ‘Pinetum,’ out October 2.

Much of Josh Lyford’s writing focuses on feelings of isolation, the trials winter in New England, and coming to terms with yourself and the world around you. His delivery is honest and concise with uniquely shouted vocals. I feel the need to admit here that Foxfires have inspired many a bedroom mosh session; there’s just something about the chugging guitars and tempo changes that make me want to move.

Pinetum by Foxfires

Check out Foxfires on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp. If you like what you hear, you pick up their two EPs or preorder ‘Pinetum’ on vinyl from Escapist Records.

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