Press Play: Forever Losing Sleep

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Written by Mike Moger

As the executive member of the Forever Losing Sleep bandwagon here on 36vultures, it is my pleasure to feature them in our newest column called Press Play; a bi-weekly endeavor in which we introduce to you, our wonderful readers, a band that is very deserving of your attention and listening experience. Forever Losing Sleep is a 5-piece emo post-rock band from New Jersey who released one of the best albums of 2014. ‘I Lost Myself Again’ was in my personal top 10 from last year, landing at #4. Huge things are coming from this band, and it’s a plus that they’re from my home state. You can check them out on their facebook, twitter, bandcamp, and on an upcoming summer tour (July/August) with fellow NJ emo rockers Arrows in her!

Since forming in February of 2011, FLS have quietly made a name for themselves in the NJ DIY community, specifically among the emo and post-rock sectors. Bringing a sound alike to NY’s now defunct Moving Mountains in their perfection of harsh brutality and TX’s post-rock masters Explosions in the Sky in their executions of calm and reposed beauty, Forever Losing Sleep manage to wield a double-edged sword in their expressions of sadness, hope, and desire. Their debut album is in no doubt one of the most perfected of its kind, crafted with the precision and immense dedication you’d expect from a band with decades of experience, not years.

if you’re looking for a wonderful way to spend about 40 minutes, ‘I Lost Myself Again’ captivates the audience by wearing the emotions of the band on their sleeves. Not a second goes by without a wave of concentrated emotion, in both a brooding buildup and beautiful catharsis. Over the almost year since it’s release (which the band did by themselves), my excitement has grown with each listen as I’ve watched FLS become a name people know of and cherish. It is for this reason that I’ve chosen them as my first (and the site’s second) Press Play feature, in the hopes that I can spread the news of a band who definitely deserves to be on everyone’s radar.