Press Play: Ambler

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

The music on Ambler’s ‘Orenda Circle’ is just as sullen as it is buoyant. The music and lyrics work together in harmony, but they exist in contrast. The one is dense and saturated with emotion, and the other is bouncy and ethereal. Ambler immediately reminds of bands like The Early November and The Starting Line in the sense that they have this incredible knack to convey authentic human emotion without having to sacrifice the craftsmanship of songwriting. The heart is on the sleeve, but the hooks are out of this world. ‘Orenda Circle’ is comprised of nine songs that effortlessly support this statement. I recommend starting your journey with “Thicker Than Blood” and then listening to the record in order as follows.

You can listen to the album after the cut. It’s also available for free download through Bandcamp.

Orenda Circle by Ambler