Premiere: Struckout’s ‘What You Deserve’ is the Kind of Gut Wrenching and Cathartic Punk Record You’ve Been Waiting For

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk


Written by Joel Funk

I don’t think that music gets enough credit.

Sure, I can talk to you about what records have resonated with me and on some scale, you’ll probably even understand what I’m talking about. When I talk about the emotional weight and immediate resonance of records like Foxing’s ‘Dealer’ or The World Is A Beautiful Place’s ‘Harmlessness,’ voices from the scene immediately resound in agreeance because those are records that the scene has excepted and have quickly come to cherish. 

‘What You Deserve’ is the kind of gut wrenching and cathartic punk record that will hit you before you give it a second thought. It’s the nervous energy in the vocals and the bottled aggression in the music that will speak to you. From the first few seconds of “Everyone’s Watching, Nobody Cares” to the chilling final seconds of “There’s The Door,” you’re bound to feel a connection with this record. 

Struckout will release ‘What You Deserve’ on November 21st through Funeral Sounds. You can pre-order the record here. We are beyond excited that we get to share a full stream of the album with you a few days before the release. 

You’ll find all of ‘What You Deserve’ below.