Premiere: Stream The Poppy and Infectious new Before The Streetlights Song, “Goodnight Goodbye”

Written by Joel Funk

Do you remember the first time you heard an All Time Low song? I do. They were my re-introduction to the more pop friendly side of pop punk that seemed to be abandoned the second Blink-182 decided to take a more serious approach to their songwriting. The hooks were massive and the appeal was there. And that is probably why that band recently had a number one record. 

Before The Streetlights is a band that makes music in the same vein of early All Time Low. There’s enough pop appeal to attract the masses, and enough edge to make them feel like something more than a guilty pleasure for the pop punk kids that are too cool for top 40. We’re excited to share the first new single from their new ‘Westward’ EP which is due out on December 11th through Antique Records. 

The song you’ll find below is called “Goodnight Goodbye” and it’s one of the sweetest and most infectious songs you’re going to hear in 2015. Along with the stream, you will also find a quote from the band in regards to the track, 

“Goodnight Goodbye is the song that, as a band, we’ve always wanted to write. An anthem about choosing music being above everything else to us. It sums up exactly how we feel towards music as individuals and, more importantly, as a band.”

– Tyler Courtney, Before The Streetlights

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