Premiere: Stream Northerner’s Tumultuous and Poignant New Album, ‘Fear Not, Therefore’

Written by Joel Funk

It takes a lot for instrumental music to resonate with me. Not because I can’t be moved by the sounds of music, but because I habitually gravitate towards vocal delivery and lyrics on my first few listens. The first example of an instrumental band that bared any real weight for me was when I was introduced to Forever Losing Sleep late last year. 

Northerner remind me a lot of Forever Losing Sleep in that sense. Without the vocals for me to cling to, I find myself a lot more invested in the quality of the music itself. On ‘Fear Not, Therefore’ we have lush, dreamlike soundscapes that will carry you through from start to finish before you’ve had a chance to truly process what you’ve just heard. The track “Muir” is a perfect example of that. The song starts out tepid and unsuspecting before transforming into something so beautiful and monumental. These tracks all grow from tidal waves to tsunamis in the blink of an eye, and it’s that quality that has helped them to resonate with me so quickly. 

‘Fear Not, Therefore’ is available for pre-order here and is due out on November 25th on Road Soda Records. I’m so excited to be able to share a stream of this masterful record with you guys. A full stream is available below. 

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