Premiere: Stream a new Lawnmower song called “Humorous Vitriol” from ‘Major Head Injury’


There’s something charming about feeling like you’ve gone back in time when listening to a song. The charm is only added to when you realize that you’re being moved backwards by something entirely new. Lawnmower is the kind of band that will make you feel like it’s 1997 again, and will leave you pining for some of the greatest rock songs of the decade. We’re excited to be bringing you guys a new song called “Humorous Vitriol” which comes from their new record ‘Major Head Injury.’ The track feels right at home alongside tracks like Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” or Superchunk’s “Hyper Enough.” From the performance straight onto the production, it’s clear that Lawnmower draws a lot if not all, of their influence from decades past. You can pre-order ‘Major Head Injury’ here before its release on August 21st through our pals at Save Your Generation Records and you can listen to “Humorous Vitriol” after the cut.

This was posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk.
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