Premiere: “Run Around” Is a High Energy Track Guaranteed To Make You Love Halogens


Written by Joel Funk

Halogens are, by definition, reactive nonmetallic elements that form strongly acidic compounds with hydrogen. That’s a strange place to start this, but it seems fitting. Halogens (the band) are gearing up to release a self-titled EP next month through Why Bother Records. If you’re a fan of bands like Send Away Stranger and Free Throw, this is a release you’re going to want to keep an eye/ear out for.

Today, we’re debuting an incredible new song that only further cements the comparison to Send Away Stranger. “Run Around” comes to a start with the soaring and gritty delivery of “You like to see me run around” before showing off their obvious post-rock influence. Tying it back to the textbook definition from before, the songs on ‘Halogens’ are emotionally driven, reactive, and will be stuck in your head for days.

You can listen to “Run Around” below.

This was posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk.
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