Listen To Hot Mulligan

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Running this blog has afforded us many the “check out my band” email. More often than not, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. We’ll go on to post something about it, and then completely forget about the band. One of the most recent self-made PR emails came from a band called Hot Mulligan

The name was…a little off putting. So much so that I actually held off on listening to the music they sent our way. Once you get passed that, it’s hard not to love these guys. They sound like what I would imagine Modern Baseball meets Perspective A Lovely Hand To Hold would sound like.  

If the description above sounds like something you would be interested in listening to, their debut EP ‘Fenton’ is available for free download. They’ve stuck with us since early December, and we loved the EP so much that it actually made our Top 10 EPs of 2014. You can listen to/download the EP after the cut. 

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Fenton by Hot Mulligan</a>