Jake McElfresh to take ex-girlfriend to court. You can donate to help her fight the good fight.

Written by Joel Funk

Jake McElfresh has gone out of his way to make sure that people know that he is a terrible, terrible human being. By now, the internet and a decent sized chunk of the world are aware of the sexual misconduct allegations made against McElfresh. These allegations were enough to initially have him removed from the Warped Tour.

Obviously, this didn’t stick. McElfresh was allowed to perform at the acoustic tent at the Nashville date of the tour under the guise of a therapeutic re-entry into music. That would imply McElfresh admitted guilt and was seeking some sort of atonement for his alleged wrongdoings. He made a statement to a heckler before his set that made it very clear that McEflresh sees no wrong in what he’s allegedly done and feels no remorse. In fact, he’s said “I know who I am…and I’m proud of it.” Ah, to be as blind and selfish as Kevin Lyman was to allow this to happen must be a life of bliss and wonder.

That same day, an ex-girlfriend of McElfresh’s made the decision to post a recorded phone call to her Tumblr. In the phone call, McElfresh admitted to exchanging photos with an underage girl and defended it by saying that she was a drug addict who “blew different guys every week.” Because, you know, slut shaming is cool and rad and doesn’t make you look like a mouthbreathing waste of flesh and resources.

McElfresh has decided to take her to court for slander. Autumn needs help paying for a lawyer, a ticket out of state, and likely all of the court costs. Please donate what you can to help her raise money for this. There needs to be some form of justice and people, especially people like Jake McElfresh of Front Porch Step need to know that you cannot get away with sexual crimes just because you have a platform. She needs a hand to help her fight. Please, please lend a hand.

You can donate to a GoFundMe to help cover all of Autumn’s expenses here.

This was posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk.
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