Half Of Sorority Noise Leave Band

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
In a very unexpected and unfortunate turn of events, half of Sorority Noise have decided that they are going to be leaving the band. You can read a statement from the band after the cut. 

hello, this is jason the drummer of the band speaking on behalf of myself and Kevin. earlier tonight we played an amazing show at the democracy center in Cambridge. we’ve been playing a few shows with a great band called pinegrove that you should all be listening to if you aren’t already. this series of shows have been amazing and I’m so grateful for all of you that came out to see us and sing along.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all that Kevin and I will be leaving the band. we have played a lot of amazing shows and met many of you amazing people through this band and that we will never take for granted. we have decided that stylistically we don’t have interest in moving any further with sorority noise. we have not discussed the future of the band from here on out, but a line up change will likely be in order. several of our upcoming shows may likely be cancelled. I will be keeping up on this tumblr for the coming week or so to keep those who follow this page updated on the happenings of the band. following that week I will likely delete this page, as it is attached to my personal tumblr.

we will remain good friends, as the ending of Kevin and my role in the band does not come with bad blood. we love Adam and Cameron very much and wish them much luck in the future of sorority noise. our audiences have always been amazing to us, thank for your constant support. we have many personal reasons for leaving that aren’t really worth getting into, so I’m gonna try to end this stupidly long statement with good tidings. thank you for everything, hopefully you catch one of our new projects in the future. God bless, good night

-jason, Kevin