Flashback Friday 013. The Jazz June

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Every week here on 36vultures, we try to sit down with some of our favorite bands for a quick and lighthearted interview. This week, we got to sit down with Andrew Low (Guitar, Vocals) from The Jazz June. These guys are going to be releasing their first album in 12 years next week, so we only saw it fitting to have you listen to the record while we cover their ten Flashback Friday moments. 

For introductions sake, please be sure to include both your name and position in the band.
Andrew Low – Singer and guitarist for The Jazz June

Band 5 

  1. Where/When was your bands first show? How did that go?
    It was back in 1996 in the house that we used to practice in when we were all going to Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. They put on a show in the living room and one of the bands got stuck in traffic so the promoter asked us to play a few songs to fill in the time. It was a bit shaky but we immediately had chemistry together and people seemed to like the songs. That was almost 20 years ago!

  2. Did you guys play any covers? If so, of what? 
    We have only done a few covers over the years. The first time was when we covered that horrible Eric Clapton – You look Wonderful Tonight song when we opened a Valentines Day show for Hot Water Music up near Boston. I hate that song, but it was a fun gig. Recently we covered New Shirt by Weston when we played with Beach Slang at CMJ as a tribute to James who used to front the band back in the day.
  3. What was the first song you guys wrote as a band? Is it on any of your releases? 
    It probably wasn’t the first song we wrote, but Antiquated was certainly one of the first songs we ever played and it ended up on our first 7-inch, The Necessary Conditions of Current and Signals (wordy title, I know!)
  4. Did your band ever have a different name? 
    For a very short time we were called La Villanelle, which was a term I picked up in a poetry class I was taking when the band first started. I am glad it never stuck because it is quite pretentious. I really wish I had the sheet of paper we wrote all our first potential band names on.
  5. When did you decide that making music was something you really wanted to pursue? 
    I knew I wanted to play music from a pretty young age. I remember in 5th grade I had an assignment to research my future career, and I picked musician and FBI agent and musician. My mom freaked out and told me there was no way I was not going to be a musician when I grew up. I think I just always hated the idea of being a slug stuck behind a desk filing paper work all day. I never got to be an FBI agent or pursue music full time, but my job now (marketing for a pro audio company) is somewhat creative.

Personal 5

  1. What is the first band you remember getting really into?
    I Really loved Dinosaur Jr. from a young age. I heard a few of their songs in a skate video when I was in middle school. I always loved J. Mascis’ crazy vocal style and his insane guitar riffs. He is such an odd dude, but he writes some of the best songs.

  2. What was the first album you bought with your own money? 
    I think it was De La Soul – 3 Feet High and Rising. That was definitely the first CD I bought. I also remember buying White Snake and Ratt tapes from a flea market when I was younger.

  3. What was the first show you went to?
    The first real gig was Suicidal Tendencies at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. My brother and I joined a mosh pit that some metal dudes started way up in the rafters. I almost got knocked off the ledge and died. Pretty hardcore for a 13-year old.

  4. Favorite One Hit Wonder? If you don’t have one, then Favorite song not from this decade? 
    This is pretty embarrassing, but I think the only real top 40 single that I bought was that song Stay by Lisa Loeb. Jesus. I played that thing a million times over and over when I was about 15. I must have been in love for the first time or something. LOL.

  5. Favorite movie? If you can recall, favorite line?
    I would like to say something more highbrow, but the Big Lebowski always comes to mind when I am asked this question. My favorite line is when Walter is doubting the kidnappers credibility after Lebowski tells him that they have sent him the hostages toe in the mail. You want a toe, I can get you a toe?!?!” Haha! That movie cracks me up.

Free Write
I am sitting on a plane right now on my way to play a gig in Austin Texas after a 12-year break from the band, with Mineral and Knapsack – two bands we played with in the late 90s. I also have a child on the way. These two things are totally insane and amazing. The fact that anyone still cares about the music we play after 20 years, and that this is happening when I am about to have my first kid with my awesome girlfriend Jen. I feel like this is a time in my life that I will never forget. 

You can pre-order their incredible new album ’After The Earthquakehere via Topshelf.