Flashback Friday 012. Sinai Vessel

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Every week here on 36vultures, we try to sit down with some of our favorite bands for a quick and lighthearted interview. This week, we got to sit down with the guys from Sinai Vessel. These guys are going to be playing the Fest for the first time ever this year, so we saw it only fitting to discuss their ten Flashback Friday moments.

For introductions sake, please be sure to include both your name and position in the band.   
Caleb Cordes, vocals & guitar in Sinai Vessel.
Josh Herron, drums in Sinai Vessel.
Daniel Hernandez, bass in Sinai Vessel.

 Band 5

  1. Where/When was your bands first show? How did that go?
    July 4th, 2009. It was at the YMCA Teen Center in Hickory, NC–the grounds for our friend group’s collective teeth-cutting. I played solo and opened up for one of my favorite Tooth and Nail bands at the time. We pushed presale tickets of our own accord because I thought it’d sell out, but there ended up being no more than a dozen people there. 

  2. Did you guys play any covers? If so, of what? 
    No. The only covers we’ve ever played live are “American Girl” and Lemuria’s “Lipstick”. I was too timid to even consider pulling off the former and I’d definitely not yet heard the latter. 

  3. What was the first song you guys wrote as a band? Is it on any of your releases? 
    All of our recorded output thus far was written before Danny and Josh joined, and thus the first song our current lineup wrote as a band is one that only exists in a live setting. We’ve referred to it as “Corycastro”, “I Quit the Choir”, and most commonly “Smashmouth”. Working titles. We’re recording it at the end of this month and we’ve a soft commitment from one of our favorite labels to release it. Exciting times. 

  4. Did your band ever have a different name? 
    No, although the one we possess hasn’t gone uncontested. I’m equal parts dissatisfied and stubborn regarding it. There are a great many better names to choose from, but I’ve resisted ever swapping it out for the ideal of having a life-spanning discography or something. Oh well. 

  5. When did you decide that making music was something you really wanted to pursue? 
    I (Caleb) am not sure that was ever a lucid, conscious decision–it’s just that nothing else has ever felt remotely as right. When it comes to pursuing music via Sinai Vessel, I think that I realized we had something seaworthy when Josh and Danny formed our current unit. I’d go to the ends of the earth and our energy with those dudes.

<a href=“http://sinaivessel.us/album/profanity-ep” data-mce-href=“http://sinaivessel.us/album/profanity-ep”>profanity [ep] by sinai vessel</a>

Personal 5

  1. What is the first band you remember getting really, really into?
    Caleb: Tom Petty. As soon as my motor skills were developed enough to operate our stereo I was spinning Greatest Hits incessantly. For magical reasons unknown to me, it was the first thing that halted my insatiable sifting through my parents’ CDs–a collection I owe all of my formative tastes to. I truly think I’d be just as happy playing in a Heartbreakers cover band as I am playing our material.

    Josh: The first band I really remember getting into was System of a Down.

    Daniel: Green Day. American Idiot had come out when I was 11 years old and I bought it a couple months later after the kid I sat next to on the bus told me they were his favorite band. They were pretty much the reason why I wanted to get a guitar.

  2. What was the first album you bought with your own money?
    Caleb: When I was in elementary school a bookstore my family frequented began selling five dollar “demo” CDs–free promo discs shipped from labels that the retailers eventually repurposed as discount records. I wish I could remember what album I purchased first, but it was definitely among those promo copies: Dogwood, Blindside, Further Seems Forever. Tooth and Nail’s glory days.

    Josh: Britney Spears, …Baby One More Time.

    Daniel: Green Day. American Idiot had come out when I was 11 years old and I bought it a couple months later after the kid I sat next to on the bus told me they were his favorite band. They were pretty much the reason why I wanted to get a guitar. (again) 

  3. What was the first show you went to?
    Caleb: I’m fairly sure it was Third Day at the Greensboro Coliseum with my dad. I had to be between eight or nine years old. As corny as it may be, it served as the virgin blooming of sensations that I still experience when watching a band reproduce songs I’d listened to in my bedroom in the flesh. It was a huge stadium show, and it’s hilarious to think I’ve not been to one of that size ever since.

    Josh: My first show was at a local YMCA Teen Center. I watched local bands play.

    Daniel: I think my first actual show where I paid for a ticket was Brand New and Thrice back when they put out Daisy. I was excited to see Brand New but I was more into Thrice at that time and I was really surprised that they played “The Arsonist” because it’s such an odd song in general.

  4. Favorite One Hit Wonder? If you don’t have one, then Favorite song not from this decade?
    Caleb: “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers. I’m told Jakob Dylan has a catalogue of great songs, but I’m content with this one. Snare sounds wind up embedded in my brain as much or more than guitar parts do, and “One Headlight” has that quintessential 90s “whap!” that no one would dare use today. 

    Josh: “No Rain” by Blind Melon.

    Daniel: “I Ran (So Far Away)” by A Flock of Seagulls; this song song has a place in my heart because I’d hear it so much on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and I spent several years of my life playing that game a lot. Plus, the music video.

  5. Favorite movie? If you can recall, favorite line?
    Caleb: There Will Be Blood. It’s flawless. An indisputably perfect film. Every line that drawls out of Daniel’s mouth is golden–the monologue about him seeing the worst in people and building up his hatreds haunts me on a weekly basis.

    Josh: Lord of the Rings are the best movies.

    Daniel: My favorite movie is easily Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Lost in Translation is a close second but I love the realistic humor and the breaking of the fourth wall. I really love the art museum scenes. For no good reason, my favorite dialogue is when (Ferris’s sister) Jeanie is arguing with Grace the secretary and finally says, “Nice attitude,” to her. After she walks out of the office Grace just says, “What a little asshole.” So many choice lines in that movie

Free Write
Hey hi–we’re playing The Fest for the first time this year (8:00PM at 1982 on Friday / 5:30PM at CMC on Saturday), releasing our record “Profanity” on 12" vinyl via Flannel Gurl, and planning to tour at an ever-increasing volume in the future. Thanks for paying any amount of attention.