Flashback Friday 008. Henrietta

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Every Friday, we try to sit down with some of our favorite bands and ask them some Flashback Friday questions. This week, we got to talk Manny Urdaneta, vocalist/guitar player for the band Henrietta. Check out his Top 10 Flashback Friday moments after the cut. 

Edit: It’s a few days late, and for that we’re truly sorry. #SorrySunday

Hi, my name is Manny Urdaneta, I play guitar and sing for Henrietta. I will be answering these question for I am the wisest and oldest of all the members and I was there from the very beginning of time and space…or at least when I started this band.

Band 5

  1. Where/When was your bands first show? How did that go?
    MU: Our first show was at a youth group event at a church across town. They had local bands play once a month, so one month Alex (our first drummer) and I just went for it. It was pretty bad ass, they would have pizza and sodas for the bands..they knew how to party haha. Some good times.
  2. Did you guys play any covers? If so, of what?
    MU: I would always cover Dashboard and Death Cab in my room when I was a kid but I don’t think we did anything like that in the early Henrietta days. Maybe once but then again, my memory ain’t so great. We recently did a Foo Fighters set for a cover show. That was a lot of fun.
  3. What was the first song you guys wrote as a band? Is it on any of your releases?
    MU: You know, I’ve probably written about a hundred songs that haven’t seen the light of day and never will. I do remember recording some songs in my kitchen then uploading them on myspace. I should probably delete our myspace. No one should go looking through there. Just don’t.
  4. Did your band ever have a different name?
    MU: Alex and I would used my name for two or three shows. We’ve never had another name other than Henrietta. Although, I thought about changing it for a while but now I don’t seem to mind it.
  5. When did you decide that making music was something you really wanted to pursue?
    MU: For me it was pretty early on. I would listen to my favorite bands and day dream about playing in front of a lot of people. It probably doesn’t sound as cool as the “yeah man whatever it’s cool I guess” answer I’ve heard other people give but it’s true haha. I think the same thing could be said about the guys. it just comes down to how badly do you want it.

    Personal 5

  1. What is the first band you remember getting really, really into?
    MU: Oh man, probably Armor For Sleep. I listened to What To Do When You Are Dead a million times. My oldest friend, Richie, got me into them when I was around 11 or 12 years old before What To Do.. came out. Later when I started high school I met a girl that liked them and she showed me that record. Ended up being my first real girlfriend and one of my best friends til this day. So yeah, Armor For Sleep was rad.
  2. What was the first album you bought with your own money? MU: Coheed and Cambria’s ’In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3‘ and I bought at walmart. still one of my favorite records. Goddamn it that record is good.
  3. What was the first show you went to?
    MU: It was probably Anberlin back in ’03. I got their first record for christmas that year and probably broke my cd walkman from listening to it so much. I probably wouldn’t like it as much now but I wouldn’t totally hate it if someone played em.
  4. Favorite One Hit Wonder? If you don’t have one, then Favorite song not from this decade?
    MU: Can’t think of a One Hit Wonder but for favorite song not from this decade would be 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins. I think that record came out in ’95, so that works.
  5. Favorite movie? If you can recall, favorite line?
    MU: Lost In translation. Hands down favorite movie of all time. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson kill it in that film. Plus, I have a weird obsession with Japan. Everything Bill Murray says in that movie is my favorite line ever but there’s this one when his doing a photo shoot for a whiskey company and the photographer keeps letting him to put the glass closer to his faces and he says “I don’t get that close to the glass until I’m on the floor.” Good movie, go watch it. 

Free Write

Hey, this interview was lots of fun! Thank you for letting me talk..my friends don’t let me talk. they keep me locked in a room but I broke free to take part in this interview mmmwahahaha *evil laugh*