Flashback Friday 002. Featuring I Can See Mountains

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk
Every Friday here on 36VULTURES, we do a Flashback Friday interview with some of our favorite bands. This week, we got to ask I Can See Mountain some questions about the early life of their band, as well as some of their favorite personal Flashback Friday Moments. Check that out right after the cut.

Band 5

  1. Where/When was your bands first show? How did that go? 
    ICSM: Mohawk place, it went good, drunk.. 
  2. Did you guys play any covers? If so, of what?
    ICSM: No, we’re pretty anti cover song unless it’s David bowies dancing with myself 
  3. What was the first song you guys wrote as a band? Is it on any of your releases?
    ICSM: Hey man, it’s on the hope you never get it EP
  4. Did your band ever have a different name?
    ICSM: No
  5. When did you decide that making music was something you really wanted to pursue?
    ICSM: Sitting In Matt’s apartment, recording music and watching him eat chicken fingers

Personal 5

  1. What is the first band you remember getting really, really into?
    ICSM: Blink 182
  2. What was the first album you bought with your own money?
    ICSM: Green day’s Dookie
  3. What was the first show you went to?
    Simple plan and good Charlotte
  4. Favorite One Hit Wonder?
    ICSM: New radicals “you get what you give”
  5. Favorite movie? Can you quote anything from it?
    ICSM: Robin Hood men in tights