Exclusive: stream a new Hodera song called “First Ones At The Party” from ‘United By Birdcalls’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

There is a charm to Matt’s voice that makes it so easy to want to listen to Hodera. When I first heard “Feel Better” I was shocked and how smooth and soulful the music felt. That rings true for every song on ‘United By Birdcalls.’ I am so excited to bring you guys a new song from the record called “First Ones At The Party.” Matt’s voice once again steals the show, rivaling the best of the best and continuing to flawlessly deliver. The track starts out in a slow croon before blooming with its giant chorus and easily accessible emotion. You can listen to “First Ones At The Party” after the cut, and once you’re done gushing over it’s brilliance, you can pre-order the album here