Exclusive: Stream A New Big Awesome Song Called “Wookie Blaylock”

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk


Big Awesome are responsible for creating a brand of indie rock that makes you pine for decades past. Their music is energetic, infectious, and has a truly undeniable charm to it. The closest comparison that I can draw is to the emo sweethearts in You Blew It! We’re very excited to be debuting a new song of theirs called “Wookie Blaylock.” This track embodies all of the incredible traits that make Big Awesome what they are. This track will not only be featured on their debut album ‘Party On’ due out this Spring, but it’s also a part of the All Sounds Winter Comp. This compilation is out on March 3rd will be “pay-what-you-want,” but any and all proceeds will be going towards helping All Sounds open their venue/studio/Iabel/record store. You can read more about that here, and you can stream that new Big Awesome song after the cut.