Exclusive: No Stranger’s ‘Haste’ Will Remind You Just How Cold Winter Really Is


Photo by the one and only Emily Dubin Written by Joel Funk

Jonathan Cooney is No Stranger. No Stranger is the kind of band that reminds you just how cold the Winter really is. They have a new EP called ‘Haste’ that is being released through our friends at Table Three Media. While No Stranger is an acoustic act, this collection of songs feels entirely fleshed out and will warm the heart of even the most stoic human beings. 

Cooney’s voice is so sweet and smooth that the morose tone of the lyrical content doesn’t jump out at you. However, once it hits you, it’s basically game over. You’re probably already overcome by the sheer beauty of these tracks and that biting sadness will be the drop that breaks the levee. I need you to believe me when I say that I’ve been there, and more recently than I would care to admit. 

I’m thrilled to be sharing these two incredible songs with you guys. A full stream of ‘Haste’ can be found below. 

This was posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk.
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