Committed To Memory

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
Written By: Joel Funk

Ten year tours have been happening rather frequently in our little corner of the music world. It’s very cool to see bands acknowledge just how special the albums they released ten years ago are. What’s even more incredible is seeing the fan reactions. So many people will come out of the woodwork to see these albums played all the way through (for the first and potentially the last time). It’s taken a while for these tours to catch up with me.

See, I was 11 turning 12 in 2005. As far as music goes…well, this is embarrassing. I used to bring a CD player on the bus that would usually have one of two cd’s in rotation. It was always either Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Autobiography’ or Blink 182’s ‘Self-Titled.’ Occasionally a Good Charlotte CD would make its way into the mix, but I was very shamelessly the kid that could get down to ‘Pieces Of Me’ while waiting to pull into the middle school parking lot.

That was me for a while. Whenever my older cousins were visiting from Maine, my grandmother’s TV was consequently taken over. It was always either MTv or Fuse and there was a pretty consistent stream of music videos playing on a loop. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s living room watching the music video for “Everything Is Alright” by Motion City Soundtrack and thinking “I like this.” That was part one of what got me into music.

Part two reads like a really poorly developed young adult novel, but the story is very, very true. 

There was a girl named Amber that I always wanted to impress. I was 11 years old and I had a huge middle school crush. She was the reason that I had a Myspace account and she was the reason I dove into a lot of the music I did. She would ask me if I’d ever heard of certain bands. I would lie and say yes and then immediately go home and see if said bands had a myspace. Somewhere down the line I re-found (it wasn’t that long in between, but I was 11, so things were either in front of me or they didn’t exist) Motion City Soundtrack.

I remember hearing “Let’s Get Fucked Up and Die” and making it my profile song because A) I liked it and B) they cursed so freely. I thought that was so cool, and I definitely thought Amber would love it. Nothing ever came of my pursuit of Amber and we eventually just stopped talking altogether around junior year of High School, but Motion City Soundtrack stuck with me.

‘Commit This To Memory’ is one of those records that has incredible staying power. It’s been such a big part of my life for ten years now, and listening to this record never feels old. As I write this, I’m mindlessly singing along to these incredible songs. There’s no effort behind remembering these lyrics because they were such a huge part of my adolescence. In my eyes, these songs are classics.

When I think about all of the other albums that I love from 2005, it becomes more bittersweet. Fall Out Boy have already said that ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ won’t happen, and I can only selfishly dream of ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ getting a tour. If Paramore was to do a 10 year tour, I would need one for ‘Riot’. The list could go on, but I won’t keep you here for that. AltPress has already made a pretty convenient list of albums that came out in ‘05 and that’s basically what I want to happen this year. You can check out that list here.

Even still. This is the ten year tour for me. This is a record that helped shape my taste in music. Do I still think of Amber when I hear these songs? Of course. But that’s what I love about music. I can hear one song and for 3 minutes, I can be 11 years old again.

I’ve committed this to memory.