Catching Up: Silverstein

Written by Scott Fugger Edited by Joel Funk

Silverstein burst onto the early 2000s emo/screamo scene (though I prefer the term post-hardcore) with everything in place for instant success. With the support of Victory Records and some killer singles in tow, the band caught people’s attention with When Broken Is Easily Fixed and followed that up with the even more impressive Discovering the Waterfront. After this it would have been easy to fade out of the limelight, maybe continuing for another album or two and then eventually doing a 10-year anniversary tour, but Silverstein has never been that band. Six albums later the band is still going strong and continually churning out some of their best work to date. Maybe they left your mind after their big hit, maybe you are a fringe fan and want to discover more than just the singles, or maybe you’re looking to get to know them before their upcoming tour with Senses Fail; no matter what, this playlist is for you.

Silverstein has been dazzling fans for 15 years with their unique blend of singing and screaming, melody and hardcore. Not satisfied with simply making incredible music, the band is always looking to find ways to push their own creativity. This started with the concept album (and my personal favorite) A Shipwreck in the Sand, but then went even deeper. Short Songs is a 22 track experiment in trying to fit every type of song into a sub-1:30 timeline. In the following album, the A and B-sides look at identical situations through differing lenses and, even more impressively, contains two separate songs that when played together create a third (the final product being this playlist’s bonus track). All-in-all Silverstein is an astonishingly hard-working band that deserves attention from audiences both old and new.

With so much material to choose from, it was extremely challenging to curate a manageable introductory playlist for Silverstein. I did my best to represent the singles, my personal favorite songs, and at least one song from each album, but this is just the surface. If you’re looking to take another step further after listening to this feel free to hit me up on Twitter or via email and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction!

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