Catching Up: Pentimento

Posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk

Written by Scott Fugger Edited by Joel Funk

Pentimento is a band you should know, plain and simple. “But Scott,” you say, “they already have so much music out, with a new album on the way. Where do I even start!?” This playlist is my response.

It can be very intimidating trying to get into a band for the first time, especially if they have an already established discography. So these are eight of the band’s best songs (plus a bonus cover track!) to help you make up for lost ground. These songs encompass the many sides of Pentimento and give an accurate portrayal of what the band has to say. Whether through soothing melodies and harmonies or raw shouted vocals, Pentimento’s words are always heavy hitting.

Lyrically, Pentimento deals with a variety of challenging and personal ideas. The universal topics of relationships, growing up, and attempting to find your place in the world are all recurring. These are then woven with oceanic imagery, a thread that unifies much of the band’s music and adds an additional layer of poetry to the band’s ethos.

Genre-wise the band is a slippery snake with great variations in sound, though generally straddling the line between punk and emo. This versatility gives the listener an enjoyable roller-coaster of a listening experience, inspiring everything from the fevered point of the finger while screaming the words to the joyous, head-thrown-back sing along.

Outside of the music, Pentimento also shine through their use of social media. The band shows off their personality with a mix of genuinely passionate posts and humorous, entertaining ones. And they do a better job at fan interactions than nearly any other band I know of. If you ever so much as type their name in a tweet, you are almost guaranteed a favorite at the very least. The time and effort they put into building this band-to-fan relationship clearly pays off as it has created an enthusiastic fan base that is eager to spread the word and keep the band growing.

Use this playlist to start catching up with Pentimento. Once you listen and fall in love, feel free to dive more into the full releases. With your confidence in the band built you can preorder their forthcoming sophomore LP, I, No Longer, from Bad Timing Records. You can even make it a point to see them live in their fall headlining tour. Pentimento is on the cusp of something amazing so the sooner you become a fan, the better.