Broken Circles Announces ‘Everything Melts Eventually Vol. 1′

Broken Circles is easily one of my favorite labels at this point in time. It’s housed and released some of my favorite records of the year, and the roster only seems to get better. Yesterday, the label announced an annual split series called ‘Everything Melts Eventually’ that will feature four original songs from Bandit, Slow and Steady, Triathalon, and Ivadell. ‘Everything Melts Eventually’  is being described as Christmas songs for people who don’t like Christmas. Brilliant. You can check out the release details after the cut. 

Track List

1. Bandit – Flake
2. Triathalon – On The Sofa
3. Ivadell – Dog Days
4. Slow And Steady – Your Cold Heart

This was posted 2 years ago by Joel Funk.
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