Brigades announce new album ‘Indefinite’

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk

Brigades will release their new album ‘Indefinite’ on July 28th through Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order the album here. You can listen to the first ne song from the album called “Enemy” after the cut alongside release details.

Attention: Brigades is signed to Pure Noise Records. While fully aware of recent controversy, we have chosen to continue covering certain bands on this label. Attached is a point of reference in terms of why we’ve chosen not to boycott Pure Noise,  which you can read here.  

Track List:

1. Indefinite
2. Knife Dance
3. The Difference
4. Enemy
5. Foxholes & Deathbeds
6. Not Until I’ve Flatlined
7. Dearly Beloved
8. Fundamentals Of Being Sentimental
9. Running Blind
10. My Last Heart Attack
11. Undertow
12. Cyanide Chaser