Brave Bird Call It Quits

Posted 4 years ago by Joel Funk
Today is a sad day. Brave Bird have decided that it is officially time to hang it up. You can check out a statement from the band after the cut. 

I always hate it when bands write in the third person so let me go ahead and say that this is Chris and Brave Bird’s over. Or at least Mark quit (for personal reasons). And now I’ve decided to quit as well. I think it’s unlikely that the band will go on without me, seeing as I sing and write the music.

Most of my proudest and most nostalgic moments have come from touring and writing with this band and it’s really sad to think that no more such moments will come to fruition in the foreseeable future. There are about a million different reasons for us breaking up that I don’t wish to explain in this post, but basically it’s gotten to a point where we’ve rested on our laurels for way too long and it’s time to either put up or shut up.

I’ve decided that it’s best to shut up for now. We won’t be doing the shows that we had lined up and I don’t think we are going to have a farewell show. We’re really sorry about that. I want to thank everyone who supported us through the years and gave us opportunities and experiences that a lot of people just don’t get. You’ve made us feel incredibly special. As for our individual futures…

Mike plays bass for Dowsing right now, so be sure to swipe right on tinder when he stops by on their next tour. Mark will be helping his dad paint his house and will presumably continue to write poetry and prose under the alt lit pen name Meta Knight. Terri will most likely be doing his own music and fishing for diapers in Muskegon. Me, I’ll probably start a band that sounds exactly like Brave Bird with bandmates who won’t step on my giant ego. Just kidding. But I’ll be back in some capacity someday.

All jokes aside I love my bandmates. They’re my brothers and my best friends. There will always be a chance of us getting back together if people still care somewhere down the line. But right now the best thing to do is to move on and figure out who we are and what we are capable of as individuals without the burden of being physically tied yet emotionally severed. See ya.