36vultures Gallery: Motion City Soundtrack ‘Commit This To Memory’ 10 Year Tour

Featured Artists: Motion City Soundtrack.

Shot At: The Fillmore @ Silver Spring, MD on 1/26/2015

Show Summary: Despite the madness of Snowmageddon, Motion City Soundtrack played a packed show at the Fillmore on Monday night. The set ran through ‘Commit This To Memory’ along with a nice amount of encores including ‘Invisible Monsters’, ‘The Future Freaks Me Out’ and ‘My Favorite Accident’. In between songs Justin Pierre joked with crowd and explained the backstories to some of the CTTM songs. One of my favorite things about the show was just how pumped all of the band members were to play, it’s a rare and fun thing to see. Plus the crowd screaming back to ‘L.G. FUAD’–good times.

Shot by: Krystina Brown