36vultures Gallery: Modern Baseball Fall US Tour 

Featured Artists: Modern Baseball, Knuckle Puck, Somos, and Crying Tour with special guests Cayetana.

Shot At: Baltimore Soundstage @ Washington, DC on 12/09/2014

Show Summary: Baltimore happily welcomed Modern Baseball and friends to Soundstage Tuesday night with crowd surfers, screams and more. I was personally excited to see Somos open up the show as I’ve been following them since they released ‘Temple of Plenty’ earlier this year. Despite a few sound issues all the bands were in good spirits. Once Knuckle Puck jumped on stage, the crowd surfers took off (no photographers were harmed lol); the energy took a drastic jump and continued well into Modern Baseball’s set. The band played fan favorites in between thanking the crowd, their tour mates & their parents who were at the show. It was a fun night filled with a nice mix of music from great people who just love to play.

Shot by: Krystina Brown