36v Interview: Jaret Reddick of People On Vacation

Posted 3 years ago by Joel Funk
People On Vacation have a new record called ‘The Chronicle Of Tim Powers’ coming out on February 3rd through Brando Records. Our newest addition to the staff, Mike Moger had the opportunity to talk to Jaret [vocals, guitar] about the upcoming album. 

Hello Jaret, congrats on the upcoming release of The Chronicles of Tim Powers! So what’s it like having this gigantic pop punk band and a successful side project at the same time?
Jaret Reddick [JR]: ha! Was that a fat joke?!?!? Things are good…I am so happy to just be able to still be making music that people like. Bowling for Soup is still going strong and it is awesome that POV has gained so much ground. I am a lucky bastard!

Are there any song ideas you have with Ryan [and People on Vacation] that eventually became Bowling for Soup ventures or vice versa?
JR: Not really. I am pretty good at separating the two and the approach to writing is VERY different in both bands. The closest would be the song “Rooftops” by BFS. Ryan actually came to me and asked if we could try and write a BFS Song together as an exercise. He played me the chorus to “Rooftops” and I instantly thought, “nah…That’s a POV song”….So I showed him my “Follow your heart” little bit and it all clicked. I started playing the verse riff and rattling off lyrics and it just became a BFS song…Pretty cool experience!

You guys used PledgeMusic for this record (and others I’ve noticed) – any particular reason why?
JR: I love Pledge. We have used other sites along the way that deal in fan funded projects, but PledgeMusic is the best by far! We are making our fans the label. We essentially tell our fans what we wanna do and ask them to trust us in making a great product. they are involved in every step of the way! We update them with progress from the recording to the artwork. It is great for us, because they essentially pre-order the album or DVD or whatever, so we get the funding to make the content, and they get cool exclusives available only to them as pledgers. IT really is very cool!

The song, “You May Not Believe In God” is drastically different from the rest of the album, notably in the lyrics. Tell us why it was chosen as the single.
JR: I don’t know if I would say it is different from the rest of the album, but it does stand out. I think that is why it was an obvious single. Plus, we had the video idea early on and it made sense. That is definitely the song that folks say the sing in their sleep, so maybe it was the right choice!

Now time for a personal question for me: my favorite off the album is “We Shoulda Made It” and I’m curious at what exactly the lyrics are concerning.
JR: I had a pretty rough year personally, so if I told you it wasn’t from the heart, I would be lying. That is probably all I should say. 🙂

With your and Ryan’s songwriting styles, it seems like you played off each other very well. Can you give us a glimpse of that process?
JR: Definitely…Each song is a total collaboration. I have an idea, or Ryan has a chorus melody or we just start with a riff. Sometimes one of us comes in with something and the other one takes it somewhere neither of us would have imagined. That is my favorite thing ever. We have such different styles and backgrounds, so I think we both intentional stop and leave holes in song ideas just to see what the other one will do. Usually, it’s fucking magic!

Who are some of your personal influences and how do you react to younger, smaller bands pointing at Bowling for Soup as their heroes?
JR: I started singing because of the folks my parent’s listened to when I was a kid. The Eagles, Waylon and Willie, Johnny Cash…The list goes on. When I was about 12, Motley Crue and Ratt and that genre blew up and I really wanted to be them! They were larger than life and got chicks and drank booze and got chicks…Man…IT was just a crazy time! So that is what started me down the path of finding what it was I wanted to do. I went through that phase and then into more of the Slayer, Obituary, Death stuff and then one day, when I was about 19, I heard the Descendants, and everything changed! That would be where the seed was planted for what BFS would be. Then credit the Ramones, early Green Day, and Bad Religion…Roll ALL of that up into a sandwich, and there ya go!!

At first, I remember being pretty blown away and a little uncomfortable with kids telling me they started playing because of BFS…I guess about two years ago, we wee on about 4 Warped Tour dates in the US and the music was SO different. The bands were heavy as hell and meant what they were saying! We thought “oh shit…These guys are going to hate us…” Quite the opposite! Here were these bands that are at the forefront of where teenage punk music is headed telling us that they saw us in 2003 and asked for a guitar for Christmas…It makes us feel old…But at the same time, the flattery is immense.

Tell us about the upcoming tour, why only CA and TX and then the UK?
JR: Super excited to get POV on the road for a few shows. The CA/ TX idea started with us, Linus of Hollywood and the band Teammate teaming up to do these runs. Unfortunately those bands couldn’t make it work, so we just went ahead with it! It is going to be interesting to see if people really know who the fuck we are! haha

The UK should be a blast. we have done it a few times acoustically, and once as a band last year. It’s a week of dates in the land that MADE Bowling For Soup. So I do hope people will come check it out!

How did the two delays in release date affect you guys? Can you talk a little bit about how that occurred?
JR: Those things hit Ryan really hard. I will admit, I hate that shit, but I have almost grown to expect delays. Of all of the BFS releases, I don’t think we ever hit the planned release date! So I talk Ryan down and we know it is for the best.

The good news is, this last delay was simply because the single was doing so well early. we were not prepared at ALL with a publicist and the label asked for more setup time. So when you are delaying for reasons that are positive, it helps too!

Alright, last question: Is your favorite food pizza? Yes or yes.
JR: Pizza and breakfast burritos!